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Chrome Plated Water Purifier/Urn Tap (Australian Made)


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Chrome plated Tap

Replacement taps Fast Flow Flick On/Off taps for Water Purifiers/Crocks/Urns/jugs and various beverage/drink dispensers

Suitable for all Australis Gravity Water Purifiers and most other brands including Stefani and WaterCo.

This is actually an Australian made product and can handle hot and cold liquid.

These taps are quiet popular because they flick off and on easily - great if you have kids using the purifier because they can't leave them dripping.

Comes with the following:

1 x Chrome plastic Tap - Looks like metal
1 x Tap Nut
2 x Black rubber O-Rings

Life  Expectancy of these taps: 10 - 15 years  

(Note MADE IN AUSTRALIA under black lever)

Specifications:   16.7 mm Diameter (3/8 BSP) thread x thread area 45mm Long Thread 


 The snap tap is resilient, heat-resistant polypropylene is becoming increasingly popular for hot water and any other varied liquid application.

The snap tap is capable of being manufactured in a variety of colours and is also available plated in gold (23 carat)


Just a flick of the finger activates the easy-action snap tap, then another flick seals it firmly off.


Positive shut-off ensures no leaks, drips or puddles.


The snap tap features a smooth toggle mechanism for controlled filling and speedy hands-free pouring.


The snap tap is made of world quality food grade polypropylene.

** when purchasing this tap consider ordering a ceramic candle at the same time (select volume discount option) if you need one because you'll be below the 500 gram Australia Post threshold and postage shouldn't be any extra for a single candle.

After fitting tap sit unit on sink to ensure tap is tight enough and not leaking onto bench

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5 of 5 Stars
Hi. I've had a ceramic water filter for years and have only recently changed the tap / outlet due it leaking. I bought a tap from Bunnings but it is so SLOW... Wondering if you sell a better quality, faster running tap. Please let me know which one and I will purchase! And also if you have any of the sand filters too. Thank you, Carly Wed 17/06/2020 9:47 PM Hi Carly, Our flick taps like the Chrome taps are called fast flow, made in Australia. Regards Australis Water Purifiers Fri 26/06/2020 12:00 PM Hi Gordon,Sorry I missed your call. Yes received your parcel it is the best!!!! The water tap works so well. Thank you!!!Regards, Carly
Sandipa Gould (VIC)
5 of 5 Stars
Thanks so much. The urn tap arrived last week and fits our (previously leaking) ceramic water filter well. Kind regards
Marlene Bischof
5 of 5 Stars
Hi Gordon, I received new tap for Gravity purifier yesterday and managed to install it without problems .. Thank you for your assistance and prompt reply. Cheers! Marlene.