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How long do ceramic filter candles last?

The life of a ceramic filter candle depends on several factors: Water Quality, usage (how many litres are filtered through it), filter size and how often it is cleaned. Water quality varies from town to town and whether your filtering tank water etc. Filter size influences candle life as well, whether your using 5" filter or a 10" undersink ceramic filter as there is more surface area for the water to flow through.

Australis Model 288: General the life span of a ceramic filters will last about 6 months, however many of our customer make them last up to 1 year or more, I think they must clean them a lot as describe below or their water quality is fairly good. Most customers buy the two pack to last a year and to have one spare for when one stops

Ultraceram 5" and Doulton last roughly 1 year or up to 2000 litres also depends on water quality.

The undersink ceramic Ultraceram is expected to last 18 months if cleaned regularly.

It is common for the Micro Ceramic Filter to turn from white into a darker shade of beige, especially if the water quality is less than decent. In cases where rust is trapped, the Micro-Ceramic Filter may turn into a light brown to a reddish shade. This is dirt and sediment stopped in its tracks. The Micro Ceramic Filter is reusable, and a change in color will not affect the effectiveness or functionality of the filter. Simply scrub the sides with a new scouring pad or a soft brush in cool water. Scrubbing the filter will unclog the pores and expose a new layer for use and extend the life of the candle. Eventually after many months of cleaning and usuage the candle may break or stop draining and its time for a new filter candle.

If your Stefani gravity filter candle empties slowly and its new try this:

·         Unscrew the ceramic filter from the upper chamber

·         Run water briefly in reverse though the filter candle to remove any possible blockage

·         Soak the candle in the kitchen sink for 2 hours, this gets rid of any fibres or loss particles.

·         By soaking the ceramic cartridge trapped air bubbles are expelled. Ensure that the plastic nozzle of the ceramic carriage is pointing upwards and below the water level

·         Hold the candle under gently running water and using a stiff brush. Scrub off the outer layer of the ceramic with a kitchen type scourer scrubbing it in an up and down motion under running tap

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