2 Pack Australis Filter Candles - SHIPPING INCLUDED in Australia 2 Pack Australis Filter Candles - SHIPPING INCLUDED in Australia [Model 288 2PK] - $73.50 : Australis Water Purifiers, Ceramic Water Filters and Benchtop Water Purifiers - Australia

2 Pack Australis Filter Candles - SHIPPING INCLUDED in Australia


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Australis Water Filter Candle 2 Pack - Replacement

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Exposed ceramic area measurements: 57mm wide X 90mm Height

Drain pipe width : 11mm

Thread length : 35mm

Material : Porous ceramic and activated carbon

The Australis filter supplied is a sub-micron filter using ceramic, activated carbon, and silver. This gives 3 stages of filtration using 100% natural media. 

They are suitable for all Australis Gravity Water Purifiers (Billabong, Ming Blue Grass/Rose, Coolaway), Southern Cross Pottery, Monbulk Pottery, Stefani, Vitali, Waterco, Atlantis, Stoneware Urns, Durand Water Filters, Hi-tech, Bendigo Pottery Water Filter Purifiers, stainless steel gravity purifiers  and most other brands.

Australis Ceramic Water Filter Candle filter down to <3 micron porosity, which allows it to filter out giardia and cryptosporidium. They also remove chlorine, chemicals, metals, sediment, bad taste and odours but retains essential Minerals including Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.

Model 288 does not remove fluoride but does remove chlorine that makes the water smell and taste like a swimming pool. 

(For more information about fluoride please see FAQ section)

If you intend on purchasing more than 2 filter candles consider the volume discount option, where the price per candle decreases on the volume purchased and postage is calculated on weight- it can work out cheaper for you, than buy two 2 packs for instance.

Official Test Results:

Substance TestedBefore FiltrationAfter Filtration% Removed
Giardia and cryptosporidium133,000/L< 1.3/L> 99.9%
Chlorine2.0 mg/L< 0.2 mg/L> 90.0%
Iron1.7 mg/L0.4 mg/L> 97.6%
Copper3.2 mg/L0.3 mg/L> 99.1%
Lead1.6 mg/L< 0.5 mg/L> 96.9%
Manganese1.5 mg/L0.3 mg/L98.0%
Zinc1.6 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.4%
Aluminium1.9 mg/L< 0.05 mg/L> 97.4%
Lindane3.7 mg/L0.05 mg/L98.6%
Dieldrin1.3 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.2%
Chloroform1.1 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.1%
Dichlorobromomethane2.0 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.5%
Bromoform2.7 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 98.1%
E.coli400,000/100mL0> 99.9%

Warning: There are other retailers selling 'replacement Australis candles' - but be wary of where they come from, without our packaging they are most likely made in china.

  • Model: Model 288 2PK
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Marian Broken Hill (NSW)
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Thank you Gordon. I have received the new filter undamaged. I think the 'do not drop' sticker is a great idea. Great service, I will buy from you again. Kind regards Marian
Liliane Ammerlaan
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Thank you very much for letting me know about the compatibility of the candles Gordon. And for all your assistance with my purchase.