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Stainless Steel Water Filters

Berkefeld Stainless steel water filters and Australis budget model.

All Stainless Steel 8/8L Berkefeld units have the option to upgrade to a Berkey PF Fluoride removal cartridges that connect onto the thread under the Doulton or Berkey Black filter inside.

The Berkey Black filters & PF-2 Berkey Fluoride removal or Doulton Ceramic filter candles & PF-4 Berkey Fluoride are used in our Berkefeld Stainless steel 8/8L units. These units are similar to the Berkey stainless steel units, same high grade stainless steel, however without the Berkey branding and price tag. The Berkefeld units are made in the UK by Doulton and are high quality polished stainless steel.  At this stage these are the only units we stock.