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Stainless Steel Water Filters

Stainless Steel Water Purifiers

We currently stock 3 different brands of stainless Benchtop Water Purifiers. The Berkefeld, Filteroo & Australis. These units are similar to the Berkey stainless steel units, same high grade stainless steel, however without the Berkey branding and price tag. The Filteroo are a package that come with other bits and pieces. The filteroo is available in three sizes, 6 litre, 9 Litre and 12 litre. 

Differences between "Berkefeld Stainless Water Purifier 16L -Doulton Filter" and Australis Stainless Steel Water Purifier 16L (8/8) 
are the standard tap and cheaper one is sourced directly off manufacturer - so no fancy packaging and no branding, no middle man but both look and filter water the same. Both are high grade stainless.