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Myth 2: No need to filter Australia's tap water

Myth 2: There is no need to filter Australia's tap water; it is the best in the world

It is true that most of Australia does have great water in its catchment areas. Some states such as Melbourne's tap water is also soft and clear, and therefore feels clean to touch. However, it becomes exposed to the unfortunates of our natural environment: various animals and their dead bodies and droppings, insects, toxic blue-green algae, bacteria and viruses and so on. Consequently, chemicals such as chlorine are necessarily added to sanitize our water. The water journey from the catchment to your home is hundreds of kilometers of aged aqueducts, tunnels and pipes constructed from various materials such as concrete, iron, steel, copper, plastic and metals are absorbed into the water on the way because the water is soft. Thus the water quality steadily deteriorates in transit to your tap; therefore the water you drink from your tap is not the same water that resides in Melbourne or other states catchments. Instead parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium; chemicals like chlorine, THM's and fluoride, metals like copper, asbestos fibers and lead (picked up from corroding pipes and plumbing) all posing considerable health threats, and maybe present in your unfiltered drinking water. This is why filtering your water just before you consume it or cook with it will protect your well being.

If you don't like the taste of your water unfiltered you are not going to drink it and you need to keep you body hydrated for many health reasons.

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