Pozzani Mains water Pressure Ceramic Candles(cartridge)

Mains water Pressure Ceramic Candles(cartridge) for Pozzani


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Replacement Pozzani ceramic mains pressure filter cartridge/candle

Old style Pressure Filter Ceramic Candle (Model 87081) also fits Model 920 

  •  140mm long (Ceramic Part 5 inches long (125mm)) 
  •  48mm wide 

 These candles are usually used in above sink pressure units. We sell the replacement pressure units this candle fits into as well, but they do fit into the chrome units as well.  

Compatible with Australis, Pozzani, WaterCo and Doulton mains water pressure units of similar size units. 

Recently we have sold a number of these units and ceramic pressure filter cartridges to customers in WA/Perth that have a similar unit, that these candle fit into, because the supplier in Perth is no longer in business. 

Australis Ceramic Water Filter Candle filter down to 1 micron porosity, which allows it to filter out Giardia and Cryptosporidium. They also remove chlorine, chemicals, metals, sediment, bad taste and odours. However the filters do leave essential minerals including Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium to keep you healthy.

These candles fit a unit similar to this one with chrome/Silver plating.

These actual units are no longer available, we only have the washers for them on spare parts page.
  • Model: Pozzani Ceramic Pressure Filter
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