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Should Fluoride be added to our tap water?

We often get asked the question about should you filter out fluoride or not worry about it?

There is a big 2 sided argument as to whether fluoride should be in our water.

The dental profession say it should be there to protect our teeth, people need it more than ever before because of all the sugar in our food. However just because your teeth need it should we be drinking it? Then they argue it is a natural substance in our water anyway, then you may ask why add more unnaturally then? Then the council say, it only such a small amount it is totally safe, then you might ask why add it then. A lot of places in the world have removed it and lots of places have just added it.

Most filter products don’t remove it because its hard substance to remove and too costly. Most people just want the water filtered from bacteria, dirt, chlorine and heavy metals and like the fluoride for flavour or don't care, they just don't want the chlorine smell and taste.  The great thing about using gravity filter candle is they don't take out all the good minerals and the water taste 100% better than unfiltered water.  Most ceramic candle do remove a small % of fluoride during the filter process. Lots of people assume that bottle water is the holy grail of pure clean water,  it isn't! Cool water can taste better than tap water. Bottled water still has chemicals in it to preserve it because its in a clear bottle, that will come in contact with sun light. Water is best filtered just before you drink it.

Fluoride Free gravity filter candles - (UltraCeram) or Model 288/ Doulton ceramic candles?

The UltraCeram is a UK product that specialises in also removing 97% of Fluoride, as well as all the other nasties the Australis model 288 & Doulton filters removes. The Ultraceram are larger so are expected to last longer and flow faster, however they are a lot more expensive too, due to their patented technological way of filtering the fluoride molecule.

The gravity Ultraceram is able to attract the fluoride molecules to the outer shell and stop them during this slow gravity filtering process. This type of filtering can't be achieved by forcing the water through under mains pressure, it will only filter 25% instead of 97% using the gravity drip filtering method.

These candles are popular and they have been on the market for many years now and every second unit we sell are upgrading to the ultraceram gravity filter candle. 

Whether you use the Ultraceram or just a standard ceramic filter candle you will notice the water will feel lighter and easier to drink.

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