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Doulton Imperial Ceramic Water Filter Candle 5"-Volume Discounts


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Doulton Imperial Ceramic Water Filter Candle 5"-Volume Discounts

Will last up to 12 month or 2000 litre Super Sterasyl Imperial filter manufactured by Royal Doulton UK (British). 

With its Absolute filtration rating (defined as >99.99%) of 0.9 microns, this filter is highly effective against particulate contamination, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium as well as chlorine and organic removal capabilities.  - Will fit most gravity systems including the British Berkefeld systems & Alexapure Stainless Steel units. 

Model: Doulton Imperial 5 inch is the perfect size out of the Doulton range of water filter candles, great for stoneware gravity fed purifiers because of its height or suitable than Doulton W9121020 Super Sterasyl.  Its wider than our model 288 and a little taller, but not too tall that the lid won't sit on top. 

Royal Doulton Imperial gravity candles are suitable for all Australis Gravity Water Purifiers, Southern Cross, Durand Water Filters, stoneware, Hi-tech, Ecomixpo / Eco-Mixpo purifiers, Bendigo Pottery Water Filter Purifiers and most other gravity fed water purifiers.

Dimension:    (67mm x 127mm) (Filter height is 12.7cms or 5inches)
             Thread 13mm 

Activated carbon, ceramic filter w/ silver . 

How long will it last ? 2000 litres Approx or 1 year see link below. 

How long do ceramic filters candles last? Click here

Please note: This candle thread may not fit into the old Australis Ming Inserts without modifications. 

This filter will fit our Billabong range and most other gravity water purifiers on the market including Southern Cross Pottery Purifiers.

Cyst reduction (Cryptossporidium & Ciardia) > 99.99% 
Removes Algae,rust,sediment & Suspended solids > 99.99% 
Reduces Harmful Bacteria (E Coli,Cholera,Shigella,Salmonella)        > 99.99% 
Turbidity reduction > 97% 
  Removes Guinea Worm 100% 
Chlorine reduction > 95% 
For particles between 0.5 and 0.8 micron > 99.99% 
Flow Rate Under Gravity 1 LPH

These candles are genuine Doulton Imperial 5" X 2.75 " filter candles from the UK with Doulton model details on base of the candle 
  • Model: Doulton Imperial UK
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