Replacement Benchtop Ceramic Water Filters Cartridges

Ceramic Water Filter Candles

Gravity and mains pressure water filter cartridges/candles

Australis Model 288 is our most popular selling gravity filter candle, however Stefani, Doulton Imperial 5" and Ultraceram 5" are also popular choices.

We also now have the Ultrafluoride 7" by Doulton that will remove reduce fluoride in your water for 1600 litres per candle.

Yes they will remove the ash from your water supply !

  • Filters out sediment, rust, giardia, cryptosporidium cysts and heavy metals
  • Kills bacteria. Absorbs chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals
  • Eliminates bad tastes and odours
  • Costs as little as 3c per litre

Australis Model 288 filter candles are suitable for: Australis Ming/Billabong, Coolaway, stainless steel filter, Stoneware, Waterco, Atlantis, Vitali, Aquaramic, New Star pottery, Southern Cross Pottery, Mountain ash, Bendigo Pottery and Durand gravity fed water filter.

Volume discount options: The more you buy the more you save per filter candle

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Orders of 2 model 288 candles receive the benefit of being below the Australia postage weight threshold of 500 grams.(postage same for two Model 288 candles as for 1)

We also stock gravity feed water filter candle with Fluoride removal(Ultraceram), Royal Doulton 5 inch, and pressure ceramic candles for older units that are connected to mains water and sit on top of your sink - Pozzani.

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