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My tap water has a chemical taste & smells like a swimming pool

Tap water, especially if you let it run for a minute will bring out the Chlorine smell. Chlorine has been added to the Water supply in Australia and other countries to kill off parasite and dangerous bacteria. Without this we would be in all sorts of trouble, but should we be drinking it after Chlorine has done its job? certainly not. If you place a potato in a glass of Chlorinated water, it will pull all the Chlorine from the water into the potato, so just think whats happening when you are cooking your vegetables.

All filters that contain active carbon (Australis, Doulton, Matrikx and Ultracerams etc...) will remove the bad taste of chlorine and that chemical smell. Gravity filter candles and under sink cartridges will remove 99% of this chemical from your water and most heavy metals leaving your water feeling lighter to drink and a clean fresh taste. These filter candles will actual make the water cleaner than bottled water and a lot cheaper to achieve a better result. Starting at 3 cent per litre its a lot cheaper too. Once you filter your water you could carry it in a stainless steel water bottle and save the world from excess plastic bottles. Once you start filtering your water though, you will struggle to drink unfiltered water. ha ha.

If the water taste good then you are likely to drink more, which is great for relaxing muscles, mind, cleaner skin, healthy organs and your overall well being.

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