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Crystalline Glazed Water Filter - White and Red/Pink Crystals 9L

Thank Australis Water Purifiers, we are very happy with it.

Yes all set up it makes a big difference to the taste of the water.

Thank you for following up....

Doulton Imperial Ceramic Water Filter Candle 5"-Volume Discounts

Amanda Altona (VIC)
Good morning,

I am so blown away by the service I have received from you. Not only did you assist me with the kind of filter I needed, I have received m filters this morning.

Thank-you so very much for your exceptional service.

Best Regards,

Ming Water Purifiers - ROSE (Postage Included Street Address)

Jenny Tawonga South (VIC)

My water purifier has arrived safe and well.

It is really lovely and I'm excited to set it.

With thanks

Ming Water Purifiers - ROSE (Postage Included Street Address)

Good Morning Gordon

Yippeeeee!! It arrived.

Oh... it so so BEAUTIFUL
Lovely to look at! Very pleasing to the eye.
Can't wait to taste

Have a wonderful weekend

Take care
Cassandra ...

Magnum - Long Pressure Candle (Mains Water Pressure) -8 inches

Yes it fit and it seems to work though the flow is a little slow also when you first put it on it looked like there was rubbish in the line all I need to do is find a new o-ring for my cradle to stop a leak and my we are happy. Thanks for the help and the card will call again next time....

Chrome Plated Water Purifier/Urn Tap (Australian Made)

Hi. I've had a ceramic water filter for years and have only recently changed the tap / outlet due it leaking.
I bought a tap from Bunnings but it is so SLOW...
Wondering if you sell a better quality, faster running tap.
Please let me know which one and I will purchase!
And also if you have any of the sand filters too.
Thank you, Carly

Wed 17/06/2020 9:47 PM

Hi Carly, Our flick taps like the Chrome taps are called fast flow, made in Australia.
Regards Australis Water Purifiers

Fri 26/06/2020 12:00 PM

Hi Gordon,Sorry I missed your call.
Yes received your parcel it is the best!!!! The water tap works so well.
Thank you!!!Regards, Carly...