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Chrome Plated Water Purifier/Urn Tap (Australian Made)

Hi. I've had a ceramic water filter for years and have only recently changed the tap / outlet due it leaking.
I bought a tap from Bunnings but it is so SLOW...
Wondering if you sell a better quality, faster running tap.
Please let me know which one and I will purchase!
And also if you have any of the sand filters too.
Thank you, Carly

Wed 17/06/2020 9:47 PM

Hi Carly, Our flick taps like the Chrome taps are called fast flow, made in Australia.
Regards Australis Water Purifiers

Fri 26/06/2020 12:00 PM

Hi Gordon,Sorry I missed your call.
Yes received your parcel it is the best!!!! The water tap works so well.
Thank you!!!Regards, Carly...

Billabong Stoneware Water Purifier - Oatmeal Made in Australian!

Elisabeth WATSON (ACT)
I’ve set it up today and absolutely love it. Thank you. Exactly what we wanted & the water tastes great!


Fairy-wren White Clay Large Water Purifier with Bird

Yes, I've set it up. It's very beautiful, I love it. Just tried my first glass of water and there's definitely a big difference in taste. I've wanted one for a while now so very happy with my purchase.
Thanks for checking in.



Benchtop Water Filter -White Pearl and Gold Crystal 9L

Tracey Kingston Beach (TAS)
The crystalline water filter is awesome. Absolutely perfect. Thanks also for amazing customer service. Water tastes great also. These purifiers make great presents so I will buy my son one for his house warming sometime this year. Ill be in touch. May God bless you. Jesus loves you....

Blue Grass Water Purifier Urn

Jane Stirling North (SA)
Thank you, Mum received it and really likes it. Will be good while they can't go buy water.

Thanks again

Solid Stainless Steel Replacement Tap

Kath Porepunkah (VIC)
Hi Gordon, thank you for your email response putting my mind at ease about whether the tap would fit or not. I ordered the tap and could not be more pleased with the tap appearance and operation. It is so stylish I am amazed that the tap I ordered from you was not installed originally on the Waterco purifier. Thank you for your follow up check.