Terrocotta and White Clay Hand Made Australian Water Purifier

Terracotta / White Clay Filters

Terracotta or white Clay - beautifully designed and glazed 

The terracotta & ceramic water purifier have been used for thousands of years, now you can have this functional piece of art.

The beautifully hand decorated Australian made water purifier will become a family heirloom.


** Sorry customers we have sold out of the Terracotta & White clay Water Purifiers. Due to COVID,  labour shortage of commercial potters, staff illness, overseas border closures and commercial potters going into retirement we are unable to have any units made at the moment. Once the borders have re-opened we should be able to get more units made again.

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We thought when we first saw these purifiers arrive in front of us, should we sell them or put them in an art gallery because the detail in the external glaze is beyond belief. All pottery is handmade by Australian highly skilled artisan potters and artists. Designs are original and individually created by freehand. This means each piece is unique and are more expensive than standard glazed urns.

These units will be a real talking point when people visit your home or office and admired for years to come. The glaze work on the exterior of the units is vibrant while the non glaze section is raw clay. All pots are dipped in a non visible sealant to stop any water leaching through, and also have a clear glaze inside for easy cleaning.

These units come in two sizes:

  • Large 58-60cm High 25 cm wide and holds about 7-8 litres in the tank after filtering
  • Small 47-48Cm High 20 cm wide and holds about 3-4 litres in the tank after filtering

These Terracotta and White clay are not sold in shops because we would have to mark them up at least $50 more for shop owners to make a reasonable profit.

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