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Under Sink water Filter Systems

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Generic Twin Filter Cartridges & Complete Under Sink Water Filter Systems

These are top of the range mains water filter cartridges, the twin pack filter out heavy metals and that's a big thing in Australia these days with all the mining dust and decaying water pipes . Most cartridges come from clean countries such as USA and UK, where there are industry standards.

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Our under bench units greatly differ from other supplier, we don't lock customer into a model that we only supply. Many water filter companies make unit cheaply, but have a thread that only their replacement cartridges fit into. This locks you into that supplier for life. If they go out of business or change the model or you move, you will struggle to find a cartridge to fit their unit. Our unit take a standard 10 inch cartridge.

Change over is simple:

  • 1st turn off the water under the sink
  • put a towel down to absorb excess water
  • unscrew the outer canisters, pull out and place replacement cartridge in
  • screw back on outer shell. 
  • After both replaced, turn back on water and run for a few minute until the air has left the unit