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Australis Compact Stainless Steel Water Filter 8 Litre (dint)

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Australis Compact 4/4 Litre Water Purifier

Material : Brushed stainless steel Grade 202 

Contents: 2 X stainless 4 litre vessels (one with drain hole, one with tap hole), stainless steel tap, stainless lid with plastic handle and plastic fold out stand and Australis Model 288 water filter candle.

The unit has been flagged as a second due to the dinted lid and has been marked down accordingly. The dint in the lid can be seen in the 3rd and 4th photo. Its only a slightly dint or the edge hasn't been folded over properly. It still will sit ok on top of the unit, but may upset some customer so have been marked down.

Dimensions:Sitting on stand : 500 mm high X 200 mm wide

Sitting on benchtop : 410 mm high X 195mm wide

Packed in box for transit: 270 mm high X 230 mm wide

Empty weights only : 2 kg

This unit uses one ceramic water filter candles and would be great addition for campers or people travelling where you don't trust your water supply. It comes with a stainless steel tap.

The Australis Water filter candles filter 1 litre each per hour, and on average last up to 6 month, however some people make them last longer. More information on filter candles under the Information menu.

Official Test Results:

Substance TestedBefore FiltrationAfter Filtration% Removed
Giardia and cryptosporidium133,000/L< 1.3/L> 99.9%
Chlorine2.0 mg/L< 0.2 mg/L> 90.0%
Iron1.7 mg/L 0.4 mg/L> 97.6%
Copper 3.2 mg/L 0.3 mg/L> 99.1%
Lead1.6 mg/L< 0.5 mg/L> 96.9%
Manganese1.5 mg/L 0.3 mg/L 98.0%
Zinc1.6 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.4%
Aluminium1.9 mg/L< 0.05 mg/L> 97.4%
Lindane3.7 mg/L 0.05 mg/L 98.6%
Dieldrin1.3 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.2%
Chloroform1.1 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.1%
Dichlorobromomethane2.0 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.5%
Bromoform2.7 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 98.1%
E.coli400,000/100mL 0 > 99.9%

There is the option to upgrade to a 5" doulton ceramic filter candle. Average life span 12 months or 2000 litres filtered depending on water quality.

There is also option to upgrade the tap to an easier to turn stainless steel tap. Some customers have found the tap hard to turn. There is also the option to add a stainless steel alkaline stick to the lower tank to raise the ph alkalinity of the water, in case the water your filtering from is too acidic.

 Budget - don't purchase if you think it will be the same standard as the British Berkefeld, it isn't. This unit will contain stainless steel minor imperfections ! If you live near the ocean or you think your water may be slightly salty, you may experience slight surface rust marks as this unit is low grade stainless and may get rust spots in the upper chamber. Lower chamber will be fine, because of filtering. These surface rust marks if appearing can be remove with bi-card soda or food grade stainless steel cleaner.

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