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Solid Stainless steel - Gold Urn/Purifier Tap

Monday 23rd November, 2020.

Hello to the staff of Aquinexus,

My order from your company arrived today and my husband installed it into our water jug this evening and I just had to write and let you know what an absolute delight the new gold metal tap is both aesthetically and functionally. It is definitely superior our old plastic tap having a faster flow and a more positive turn operation. So fingers crossed it will last longer than our plastic one.

Tansy ...

Billabong Gloss White Water Purifier - (Aust. Made) 12L

Been meaning to get in touch all week. The water fountain arrived and it fits perfectly and looks wonderful. Even more important the water tastes great.

Thanks for going to the trouble of finding me the shortest one.



Benchtop Water Purifier - Billabong Blue Sapphire 12L

Ngaire Gosford (NSW)
I'm loving the Billabong Blue Sapphire. I received it on Friday and had it going straight away.

Thank you for the water bottle as well. I needed a new one. ...

Doulton Imperial Ceramic Water Filter Candle 5"-Volume Discounts

Amanda Altona (VIC)
Good morning,

I am so blown away by the service I have received from you. Not only did you assist me with the kind of filter I needed, I have received m filters this morning.

Thank-you so very much for your exceptional service.

Best Regards,

Benchtop Water Purifier - Billabong Blue Water (Aust. Made) 12L

Steve Torquay (VIC)
The Billabong Blue is up and running and we love It.


Magnum - Long Pressure Candle (Mains Water Pressure) -8 inches

Yes it fit and it seems to work though the flow is a little slow also when you first put it on it looked like there was rubbish in the line all I need to do is find a new o-ring for my cradle to stop a leak and my we are happy. Thanks for the help and the card will call again next time....

Billabong Stoneware Water Purifier - Beige/Bamboo (Aust.)

Anita Rainbow Beach (QLD)
Hi Anita,

Did you receive the Bamboo Water Purifier and set it up?

Australis Water Purifiers Yes, it did, thank you! We love absolutely love it!! Thank you for your help

Warm regards,

Chrome Plated Water Purifier/Urn Tap (Australian Made)

Hi. I've had a ceramic water filter for years and have only recently changed the tap / outlet due it leaking.
I bought a tap from Bunnings but it is so SLOW...
Wondering if you sell a better quality, faster running tap.
Please let me know which one and I will purchase!
And also if you have any of the sand filters too.
Thank you, Carly

Wed 17/06/2020 9:47 PM

Hi Carly, Our flick taps like the Chrome taps are called fast flow, made in Australia.
Regards Australis Water Purifiers

Fri 26/06/2020 12:00 PM

Hi Gordon,Sorry I missed your call.
Yes received your parcel it is the best!!!! The water tap works so well.
Thank you!!!Regards, Carly...

Benchtop Water Purifier - Billabong Blue Water (Aust. Made) 12L

Shelli Strathmore Heights (VIC)
I absolutely love it. It looks gorgeous, it is beautifully made, I’m supporting an Aussie business and the water tastes clean. I’m very happy !!!!

Thankyou for your beautiful service.
Kind Regards,
Shelli ...

Fairy-wren White Clay Large Water Purifier with Bird

Yes, I've set it up. It's very beautiful, I love it. Just tried my first glass of water and there's definitely a big difference in taste. I've wanted one for a while now so very happy with my purchase.
Thanks for checking in.



Solid Stainless Steel Replacement Tap

Kath Porepunkah (VIC)
Hi Gordon, thank you for your email response putting my mind at ease about whether the tap would fit or not. I ordered the tap and could not be more pleased with the tap appearance and operation. It is so stylish I am amazed that the tap I ordered from you was not installed originally on the Waterco purifier. Thank you for your follow up check.

Stainless Water Purifier 16L - Doulton Ceramic Filters

Donovan Benowa (QLD)
Sweet as

Thanks heaps

Looks great

Cant wait to taste it



2 Pack Australis Filter Candles - SHIPPING INCLUDED in Australia

Marian Broken Hill (NSW)
Thank you Gordon.

I have received the new filter undamaged. I think the 'do not drop' sticker is a great idea. Great service, I will buy from you again.

Kind regards

Fairy-wren White Clay Small Water Purifier Yellow Gum Nuts

Michelle Harrisville QLD
The water purifier arrived safely yesterday and we love it. It looks beautiful on our kitchen bench and we were using it the same day. The size is perfect for our needs and we are confident using it due to all the information you gave me.
Thank you very much. I have been talking about it to my friends and I have highly recommend that they buy your product....

Terracotta Fairy-Wren, metallic bands & fiery gum leaves

Elizabeth Bulley
I just received my Water Purifier last night and have set it up on the kitchen bench. It is so beautiful - not a flaw to be found. Looks amazing on my bench. The last of the carbon is coming out of the filter so yet to sample the water without that flavour-I should have run water through. Really impressed so far though! Shipped really quickly too! Cheers and thanks for a great product! Liz...

UltraCeram Fluoride Removal Cartridge -Shipping Included in Aust

Hikaru Bibra lake (WA)
Thankyou very much for this excellent product :)

Billabong IVY Stoneware Water Purifier - Natural Stone - (Aust.)

Alison Bathurst (NSW)
My water purifier is now 17 years old I cant complain about needing a new chrome tap its only just started dripping the rest is totally fine best thing we ever bought being on tank water. I notice the new ones have stainless taps now....

replacement Stefani Ceramic Cartridge - Volume Discount

Irene Glenroy (NSW)
I just received the two Stefani replacement cartridges for my Stefani water filter.
Exceptionally fast and great service.
I will definitely use this company again.
Thanking you
Irene W...

Australis Compact Stainless Steel Water Purifier 8 Litre (4/4)

Christine Oxenford (QLD)
Just a short mail to let you know the water filter is working fine. Much nicer water now .

Gold Plated Water Purifier Tap (Australian Made)

Michelle Upper Coomera (QLD)
Hi team,

I received the replacement tap yesterday.
I just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciated the additional items. You will certainly hear from us again.

Happy Easter & enjoy your long weekend!
Thanks again!!...

Billabong Gloss White Water Purifier - (Aust. Made) 12L

Kate Kotara South (NSW)
Hi Gordon, I've been meaning to say thank you for your help when I purchased my white water filter system in October. It arrived promptly and well packaged and we have been enjoying the lovely fresh clean tasting water that it producers. I'm so glad I went with your company rather than waiting the 3 months that I would of had to do if I went with others....

Billabong Gloss White Water Purifier - (Aust. Made) 12L

Kate Hutchison
Love the taste of water now. We are drinking more than we ever did. So easy to use and looks great. Very fast friendly service. ...

Genuine Australis Ceramic Filter (Model 288) - Volume Discounts

All good now thank you Gordon. We'll remember that little trick of removing the bud from the pipe, if it stops draining early.

I love your filters, the water tastes great....

Billabong Gloss White Water Purifier - (Aust. Made) 12L

Tiarni (Safety Beach) VIC
Thanx so much Gordon. love it and thanx for the drink bottle.
Much appreciated.

Doulton Imperial Ceramic Water Filter Candle 5"-Volume Discounts

Hester (Ireland)
Thanks very much for the good comms and updates, just letting you know it arrived safe today.

Benchtop Water Filter Billabong - Gloss Black

Dane Shelford (VIC)
I really like it.

Fast Delivery

Thank you.


Ming Water Purifiers - ROSE

Carine Davey (NSW)
Thanks for that. Yes, the water filter has been delivered, thank you very much.

I love it! :)

UltraCeram Fluoride Removal Cartridge - Volume Discounts

Reid Pierce (NSW)
Thanks so much :) I really love it and it is great to finally get rid of the fluoride.

Chrome Plated Water Purifier/Urn Tap (Australian Made)

Sandipa Gould (VIC)
Thanks so much.
The urn tap arrived last week and fits our (previously leaking) ceramic water filter well.
Kind regards...

replacement Stefani Green Low Pressure Water Purifier Candle

Madeline Chmura (ACT)
Thanks so much for this explanation Gordon!

The customer service Australis Water Purifiers provides is top notch.

I have recommended you to other folk....

Ming Water Purifiers - ROSE

Gabriele Richter
We spoke on the phone yesterday and I ordered a Ming water purifier.
It arrived half an hr ago – at 9.30am!
Thank you for a speedy delivery.
It arrived in excellent condition – with nothing broken. It looks beautiful and my mum will love it. (it’s a birthday present)....

2 Pack Australis Filter Candles - SHIPPING INCLUDED in Australia

Liliane Ammerlaan
Thank you very much for letting me know about the compatibility of the candles Gordon. And for all your assistance with my purchase....

Ming Water Purifiers - ROSE

Daodeva Westward
Thankyou so much,the lid just arrived safe and sound and fits a great. colour is good,you deserve a medal for your customer service and packaging abilities!...

Mains water Pressure Ceramic Candles(cartridge) for Pozzani

Eligiusz Gomularz
Appreciate the professional service...


Eligiusz Gomularz

Genuine Australis Ceramic Filter (Model 288) - Volume Discounts

Paula Byrne
thank you, must commend you on the fast delivery,
regards Pauline

Solid Stainless Steel Replacement Tap

Marlene Bischof
Hi Gordon, I received new tap for Gravity purifier yesterday and managed to install it without problems .. Thank you for your assistance and prompt reply. Cheers! Marlene....

Chrome Plated Water Purifier/Urn Tap (Australian Made)

Marlene Bischof
Hi Gordon, I received new tap for Gravity purifier yesterday and managed to install it without problems .. Thank you for your assistance and prompt reply. Cheers! Marlene.