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Water Purifier assembly instructions and cleaning ceramic filter

Unpack all components carefully

Put the Australis Ceramic Filter 288 (or other ceramic filter) aside.

Wash, rinse and dry all the pieces of your Australis water purifier systems carefully.

Check the tap fittings and system for leaks before assembly by placing the storage container in the sink and fill the container with water. If you find any water leaking from around the tap seals you may need to tighten the tap. If there is still a leak see 'Leaks / Cracks/ Glaze Cracking'

Find a convenient place for the water system to stand, easy to fill and use. To prevent any water damage place a protective covering on the counter top.

Then place the pedestal or base on it. Next place the storage container on the base.

Install the ceramic filter in the filter container/insert/Upper chamber. The filter needs to be fitted to the inside of the filter insert. Remove the black/white wing nut from the bottle of the filter. With the black/white washer in the thread, place the thread into the hole in the bottom of the filter insert. From the outside tighten the filter with the black/white wing nut.. Now fill the insert with water and place the lid on top. The filter will be slow to start as the water needs to soak through the ceramic wall.

Leave overnight and hold up the filter insert to check the filter fittings for any leaks. The water should be dripping through the threaded end and not around the washers where the filter it fitted. The flow rate will be about 1 litre an hour on town water, tank water may be slower.

The first batch of water may contain small particles of carbon or charcoal, which is not harmful. You may discard the first batch if you choose.

Filters and System Cleaning

The ceramic filter needs to be cleaned every 3-4 weeks to remove the build up of impurities on the ceramic wall. To clean the filter remove the filter from the insert carefully. Try not to hold the ceramic part while unscrewing, hold the plastic parts. Clean the surface of the ceramic with water and a clean brush or new scouring cloth/pad. Never let detergents or soap come in contact with the filter! If you are filtering water that has not been municipally treated you may need to clean the filter more often due to the amount of suspended solids and algae present. It is also important to clean your whole system every 3 months. Remember to check around your tap, they may need cleaning, and sometimes tap washers need to be replaced. Contact Australis Water Purifiers you might be able to have some sent to your with your candle order.

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