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Crystalline Glazed Water Filter - White and Red/Pink Crystals 9L

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White Pearl Porcelain Water Purifier with Light Red & Silver Glaze Crystals

This purifier is a stylish and stunning elegant stoneware piece. 

Crystalline Glaze Water Purifiers look very prestige, with their often stunning large crystals forming canopies of coloured snowflakes over the glaze surface.

Color : White Pearl with Red/Pink Glaze with Silver Microcrystal Glaze.  

Size : 9 Litres 

Dimensions: : 260mm wide & 480mm high approximately

Tap Spout from benchtop : 150mm

Parts : These units have the base connected to the main tank (with clear rubber stoppers under the unit to protect your benchtop and this gives the unit a floating appearance. The unit also has an upper porcelain insert(chamber) where the filter candle sit and above a porcelain lid. All parts are glazed for easy cleaning.

The Crystals are formed by an interaction of minerals with silica (the glass former) and zinc (the flux). Crystal development occurs during the cooling cycle, with wide variety shape and sizes from the microcrystal to microcrystal which can be up to 75 mm across.

Includes quality Australian ceramic filter candle Model 288. (unless alternative filter candle is selected such as an UltraCeram Fluoride 97% reduction candle.) Model 288 usually last around 6 months (1000 litres) depending on water quality, but can last longer, while the Ultraceram 5" filter candle generally will filter 2000 litres.

Australis Ceramic Water Filter Candle filter down to 1 micron porosity, which allows it to filter out giardia and cryptosporidium. They also remove chlorine, chemicals, metals, sediment, bad taste and odours. However the filters do leave essential minerals including Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium to keep you healthy.

Official Test Results:

Substance TestedBefore FiltrationAfter Filtration% Removed
Giardia and cryptosporidium133,000/L< 1.3/L> 99.9%
Chlorine2.0 mg/L< 0.2 mg/L> 90.0%
Iron1.7 mg/L 0.4 mg/L> 97.6%
Copper 3.2 mg/L 0.3 mg/L> 99.1%
Lead1.6 mg/L< 0.5 mg/L> 96.9%
Manganese1.5 mg/L 0.3 mg/L 98.0%
Zinc1.6 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.4%
Aluminium1.9 mg/L< 0.05 mg/L> 97.4%
Lindane3.7 mg/L 0.05 mg/L 98.6%
Dieldrin1.3 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.2%
Chloroform1.1 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.1%
Dichlorobromomethane2.0 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 99.5%
Bromoform2.7 mg/L< 0.1 mg/L> 98.1%
E.coli400,000/100mL 0 > 99.9%

Please Note: To remove fluoride with this ceramic bench top gravity filter just upgrade to a fluoride removal cartridge in the drop down box above.

Gravity Water Purifiers require very little maintenance and the ceramic filter cartridges are easily replaced when required.

With this water purifier you can enjoy 1000's litres of water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water for many years to come. No longer need to pollute the world with plastic bottles, you also receive one of our high grade stainless steel bottles for transporting your filtered water around with you.

Australis ceramic water filter candles are 1 micron porosity and are filled with activate carbon and silver, which will remove chlorine, chemicals, metals, giardia, cryptosporidium, sediment, bad taste and odours from your water.
Domestic "Gravity" Water Filters, Ideal For The Home, Office, Gym, holiday home or a great Christmas gift or present for someone special to you.

There is no delay in shipment like other online purifier retailers, we hold stock and it will be dispatched the same or next day depending on the time of the day the order was placed.

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