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Crystalline Glaze Water Filters

Crystalline Glaze Water Filters - beautifully elegant shape and spectacular glazed 

Crystalline glaze with stunning large crystals forming canopies of coloured snowflakes flowing over the glaze surface.

The beautifully hand decorated Australian made water purifier will become a family heirloom.

All units have the option to upgrade to a Fluoride removal filter.

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The Crystals are formed by an interaction of minerals with silica (the glass former) and zinc (the flux). Crystal development occurs during the cooling cycle, with wide variety shape and sizes from the microcrystal to microcrystal which can be up to 75 mm across. The colours are derived from a variety of metal oxides gold from iron, green from copper pink from manganese as well as the elusive nickel the only mineral to give two separate colours a blue crystal on a tan back ground. These units will be a real talking point when people visit your home or office and admired years to come. The Glaze work on the exterior of the units is vibrant and smooth to touch. 

Please note: these water filters are pottery and handmade so the size and glaze patterns on the outside do vary from unit to unit.

These units come in two sizes:

  • Large 56-58cm High 25 cm wide and holds about  13 litres in the tank after filtering
  • Small 46-48cm High 20 cm wide and holds about 7 litres in the tank after filtering

Please note the upper filter insert also can be filled while tank is full and will not overflow, as water is used it will fill lower tank.

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