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Billabong Water Filter Information

The Billabong ceramic water purifiers are handmade in Australia and will provide you with naturally cool, great tasting water.

These purifiers are hand turned on a wheel unlike other molded ceramic purifiers. Each one is individual turned on a wheel by a potter and can vary in wide and height slightly.

By combining the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the water purifier systems and functional pottery.

Used since the late Stone Age, pottery has proven to be an ideal material for cooking and storing which does not leave unwanted chemicals or metals in the food. We believe stoneware is the perfect non-toxic material for filtering and storing your drinking water.

The Australian made Water Purifiers range are "high fire" water purifiers systems in a kiln to a temperature of 1280 degrees centigrade, so they can't contain any toxins.

Each piece of our stoneware system is hand made and hand decorated. There will be a slight variation in size, colour, design and shape which makes each system uniquely individual.

All of our systems are supplied with an Australis Ceramic filter, unless you select an alternate 5" Fluoride removal water filter candle.

The Australis filter supplied is a sub-micron filter using ceramic, activated carbon, and silver. This gives 3 stages of filtration using 100% natural media. Used around the world to make safe drinking water.

The Billabong range are designed to provide a lifetime of service and well being by combining the ceramic filter technology with our handmade stoneware container. Stoneware is the perfect way to filter and store your drinking water, it will not leach any impurities, keeps it cool naturally, and can last forever. Our customer have had their unit for decades now and still love them after many years of use.

How Does It Work?

  1. Simply add water to the Purifier insert(upper chamber)container.
  2. The water will first pass through the micro porous ceramic wall of the filter removing 99% of suspended solids and 99.99% of bacteria.
  3. The ceramic wall of the filter has silver locked into it which acts as a natural biocide to keep the stored water pure.
  4. Next the water passes through the activated carbon in the centre of the filter.
  5. The carbon will filter out amoeba, algae, & bad tastes.
  6. The water will then drip into the storage container.
  7. The flow rate of the filter is about one litre an hour while covered with water.
  8. Add ice to the filter container if you require cooler water.
  • Needs no plumbing or electricity
  • Saves money (water costs about 3 cents a litre)
  • An attractive addition to home or office
  • Replacement parts available

How long do the filter candles inside the units last ?

The life of a ceramic filter candle depends on several factors: 

  • Water quality, usage (how many litres are filtered through it)
  • Filter candle size 
  • How often it is cleaned -  normally a quick clean with a scotch pad (only use on filter candle) once a month or when dripping slows
  • Water quality varies from town to town and whether your filtering tank water, dirt in water, rusty pipes, or dams running low on water. 
  • Filter size influences candle life as well, 5" filter - more surface area for the water to flow through, however less space in upper tank.

Australis Model 288: General the life span of a ceramic filters will last about 6 months, however many of our customer make them last up to 1 year, we think they must clean them a lot as describe below or their water quality is fairly good. Most customers(families) buy the two pack to last a year and to have one spare for when one stops.  Recommend replacement 6 months.

Ultraceram 5" last roughly 1 year or up to 2000 litres also depends on water quality.

** On your purchase anniversary month we email you a coupon code so if purchased during that month you receive 5% off.

Storage Of Ceramic Candles

Ceramic filter candles can be stored for a number of years in a dry place away from chemical or other substance where they may absorb odours.

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