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Benchtop Ceramic Water Filters

Beautifully designed and crafted Benchtop/Counter top Water Filters Urns

Looking for the best benchtop water filters designed for effective filtration?

Portable Bench top water dispensers are an excellent and easy way to filter your water free from harmful chemicals and pollutants and water additives such as fluoride and chlorine. Carefully designed to make water healthier while retaining its natural taste and healthy minerals, our range of water filters are the preferred choice.

We have a new range of Water Purifiers 'Billabong MkII', these are Australia made however the 2st batch are small/medium size 7-9L. 

More units arriving next week

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At Australis Water Purifiers, we believe that a water filter system can make a huge difference to the well-being of your family. Water purity is an issue and we strive to offer quick and easy filtration solutions that make a worthwhile investment. Suitable for small spaces, our range of water filters enable you to easily tackle water contamination issues. Easy to install, maintain and move, our water filters are an excellent addition to your home.

Whether you are looking for a ceramic water dispenser or a stoneware clay water filter, we have some of the best purifiers in the market. Our benchtop water filters simultaneously enhance the taste of water while making it cleaner. Whatever be your preference or budget, we have something for every home. Browse through our collection for a high-quality water filter for benchtops.