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UltraCeram Fluoride Removal Cartridge - Volume Discounts

Reid Pierce (NSW)
Thanks so much :) I really love it and it is great to finally get rid of the fluoride.

Chrome Plated Water Purifier/Urn Tap (Australian Made)

Sandipa Gould (VIC)
Thanks so much.
The urn tap arrived last week and fits our (previously leaking) ceramic water filter well.
Kind regards...

2 Pack Australis Filter Candles - SHIPPING INCLUDED in Australia

Liliane Ammerlaan
Thank you very much for letting me know about the compatibility of the candles Gordon. And for all your assistance with my purchase....

Mains water Pressure Ceramic Candles(cartridge) for Pozzani

Eligiusz Gomularz
Appreciate the professional service...


Eligiusz Gomularz

Genuine Australis Ceramic Filter (Model 288) - Volume Discounts

Paula Byrne
thank you, must commend you on the fast delivery,
regards Pauline

Solid Stainless Steel Replacement Tap

Marlene Bischof
Hi Gordon, I received new tap for Gravity purifier yesterday and managed to install it without problems .. Thank you for your assistance and prompt reply. Cheers! Marlene....