Reviews : Australis Water Purifiers, Ceramic Water Filters and Benchtop Water Purifiers - Australia


Terracotta Blue Fairy-wren with red/orange gum leaves

Liem Vo (VIC)
I love it. Australian design.

Benchtop Water Filter Billabong - Gloss Black

Dane Shelford (VIC)
I really like it.

Fast Delivery

Thank you.


Terracotta Sandy Bands with Autum Orange Leaves

Gordon - Australis Water Purifiers

Glazed with non-toxic clear glaze for easy cleaning used on all Purifiers.

Makes it look natural....

Terracotta Sandy Bands with Autum Orange Leaves

Danielle Flynn (WA)
Yes it made it safe and sound, and it is delightful!

Is the inner shell painted with anything or is it natural? I am just thinking with drinking and toxicity.

I am just reading over the candle instructions now and slowly resurrecting her.

You are right, it's defiantly a work of art!...

Terracotta Superb Fairy-wren Small Water Purifier

Colin Toby (NSW)
The artwork is excellent. I was just comparing it to my sister's older purifier and I'm really happy with mine....

Blue Grass Water Purifier Urn

Reid Pierce (NSW)
Thanks so much :) I really love it and it is great to finally get rid of the fluoride.